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Transcript FAQs

Incoming & Outgoing Transcript Request FAQs

Order an Official Outgoing GCSC Transcript

How Are Transcripts Sent?

The choice is yours! U.S. Postal Service or your choice of eTranscript services.

What is an E-Transcript?

Electronically encrypted transcripts (eTranscripts) are official GCSC documents delivered to a specific recipient over a secure network or platform. Students provide consent by providing their nominated recipient's email address when ordering. Etranscripts and emailed transcripts are not the same!

The recipient—you, an Admissions office or an employer—receive instructions on how to authenticate and gain access to view, download, and print the encrypted official electronic transcript.

Can I Specify my Transcript be Sent Now or at the End of the Current Term?

Transcripts can be sent out right away or held for posting of the current semester grades or until current degree is awarded. Student must specify their preference. If you want your transcript immediately—do not select hold!

Are the Fees and Process Times the same?

Process times and fees vary with the transcript exchange service chosen. Please see the pros and cons of each method on the How To Order Outgoing GCSC Transcript page.

 How do I send transcript request to GCSC?

Visit your school's website or call for specific instructions on how to order your official transcript.

If a Transcript Request form is required — click on Blue Box below.

GCSC will not accept these types of transcripts.

GCSC will NOT accept emailed, Faxed or “Issued to Student” transcripts.
GCSC prefers eTranscripts versus U.S. Postal Service mailed transcripts because of mail delays. 
Remember! Emailed and eTranscripts are NOT THE SAME!

Incoming Transcript Request Form

How do I order a GED® Transcript and Send it to GCSC?

Please order your GED® transcript from Do not send a diploma.
When asked by where to send it - enter

What documents do I need for a homeschool student?

Please submit the following documents:

  1. A completed Home School Affidavit and Compliance letter           
  2. Go to the Admission Forms Webpage
  3. Select the Home School Affidavit form
  4. Read the form carefully, complete, upload all required documents and submit

Please check your Gulf Coast student email for a response within 2 business days

Can I send a transcript from a foreign institution (both high school and college) directly to GCSC?

Transcripts from foreign institutions (both high school and college) must be evaluated by any current National Association of Credit Evaluation Services (NACES) member. It is the responsibility of the student to bear all associated costs and fees. Gulf Coast will determine transferable credits. If the academic institution you attended does not issue documents in English, you must submit precise word for word translations of all your credentials. 

Where do I find a list of NACES members?

A list of NACES members can be found on the NACES website.  Prices and processing time can vary, so check out a number of providers before you decide who to use.

Several service members used by our students are:

 How are my out of the country courses evaluated?

Please submit original transcripts to a NACES member for a:

  • University/college course-by-course evaluation.
  • High School evaluation for U.S. equivalency . 

Acceptance of transfer courses is subject to approval by Gulf Coast State College. 

How can I have my foreign institution transcripts translated?

To have your documents translated, you may contact University Language Services (ULS).

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